Est. 2009

The Spring Center

The Spring Center is the medical practice of Kelly McCann, MD, and home to our unique membership program, Partners in Health. Founded in August 2009, The Spring Center provides primary care for adults, group visits, lectures and consultations in integrative and functional medicine for all ages.

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Innovative Testing to reveal root cause

Lifestyle Optimization

Customized nutrition, supplementation & conscious health choices

Collaborative Care

Supportive Partnership

What to Expect

Our mission is to partner with you on your journey of healing.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • “Thank you for the outstanding care that I have received from you and the entire staff at the Spring Center. After seeing 15 specialists who were unable to diagnose my condition correctly, I am particularly grateful for your exceptional knowledge and training, and your interest in not just treating my symptoms, but in actually finding and addressing the cause of those symptoms….I am truly and deeply grateful.”

    Kristen L.

  • “I have been a patient at The Spring Center since 2013. Dr. McCann and her team provide me not only with excellent medical expertise and care, but they show the utmost kindness and compassion; I leave every appointment feeling heard and respected…I have no doubt of the Spring Center’s commitment to whole body, mind, and spirit wellness for each of their patients.”

    Barbara H.

  • “You’ve been an true life saver and an excellent doctor, therapist and friend to me all of these years. I am so grateful to you for your care and love and support.”


  • “I don’t know what would have happened to me had I not found Dr. McCann and Kylie Campbell PA-C. I have suffered from chronic health issues for over 40 years… Over the last two years we have put together pieces of my health puzzle that explain so much about why I felt the way I did. Now I feel like I can do anything I want in my strong, healthy body and mind and it makes me so happy.”

    Peggy T., Huntington Beach, CA​

  • “Kylie’s infinite kindness and patience makes her the type of provider who can allow for her patients to have their own experience, as well as, receive superior care on both , physical and emotional levels.”

    Ilana W., MA, LMFT, LEP, CMT
    Laguna Hills, California ​

  • “I became a patient of Dr. McCann in November 2010. I had a number of medical issues in my life. Other doctors could not figure out why I was having such pain. My health is extremely better thanks to Dr. McCann. What an amazing and wonderful doctor. I would highly recommend her. If you have a health issue, she will find a way to fix it. She is such a fantastic doctor.”

    Henry W.

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