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The Spring Center is the medical practice of Kelly McCann, MD, and home to our unique membership program, Partners in Health. Founded in August 2009, The Spring Center provides primary care for adults, group visits, lectures.

Kelly K McCann, MD, MPH & TM

While some physicians are now adapting to an integrative and functional approach, Dr. McCann began her career in medicine with the intention of providing holistic, patient-centered care. Throughout her pre-medical training and continuing through medical school and residency, she explored acupuncture, herbs, meditation, energy medicine, spirituality and massage, while simultaneously excelling in her conventional medical studies. She has been practicing medicine since 2000.

Dr. McCann received a B.A. in Music from Brown University and a Master’s in Library Science from University at Albany. She went on to receive her Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) and simultaneously earned a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) in Tropical Medicine (TM) at Tulane University in New Orleans. She completed both an Internal Medicine residency at Banner Samaritan Medical Center and a Pediatrics residency at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. McCann practiced medicine at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine where she worked and trained with renowned Andrew Weil, M.D., as one of 35 distinguished fellows in residence throughout the world. The residential fellowship provided the curriculum for Dr. Weil’s current online fellowship, which now trains hundreds of practitioners, and this unique group of residential fellows lead the field of integrative medicine today.

After completion of the Fellowship, she continued her pursuit of knowledge. Dr. McCann became certified in medical acupuncture through the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, studied environmental medicine and chelation with Dr. Walter Crinnion and biotoxins with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. She also attends numerous conferences annually including ILADS – International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society meetings, Membrane Medicine meetings regarding the PK protocol and other nutritional and integrative medicine trainings. Dr. McCann recently became certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine completing a rigorous program in functional medicine. Notable physicians in the functional medicine arena include Dr. Mark Hyman, Jeffrey Bland, PhD and David Perlmutter, MD. Functional medicine addresses the root causes of chronic illness through a whole-system approach to medicine.

Kylie Campbell is a board certified Physician Assistant. She works as part of the medical team with Dr. McCann, performs physical exams, evaluates urgent concerns, assists with routine follow up, orders and interprets diagnostic tests, and writes prescriptions. Her training in conventional medicine complements the integrative and functional medicine model in our practice. She is currently pursuing her Certification at the Institute for Functional Medicine.

A native of California, Kylie was born and raised in Happy Valley. Kylie began her training at University of California in Davis graduating with Honors in a Bachelor of Science degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. During her time at UC Davis, she worked in medical research, specifically genetic, reproductive and stem cell technology while working part time as an Emergency Medical Technician at an assisted living facility for the elderly and disabled. Kylie continued her education at Western University where she earned her Master of Sciences as a Physician Assistant. During her internships she practiced predominantly adult medicine with surgical subspecialties, advanced diabetic management and rural medicine for the underserved and homeless populations. She has additional training and experience in procedures including facial injections and dermal fillers for aesthetic improvement.

Kylie began her career in bariatric medicine and surgery for the obese and overweight population before moving to Internal Medicine. She became interested in nutritional and functional medicine while treating those people with progressive, chronic metabolic diseases. These diseases have strong emotional and spiritual consequences. She realized that pharmaceuticals and surgeries did not adequately address their underlying medical and psychological concerns and began looking beyond conventional model of medicine for answers.

Kylie joined Dr. McCann’s medical team to gain the freedom to help her patients at deeper levels. She continues to grow and develop as a health care provider who is constantly learning new skills and tools and who delights in sharing these learnings with patients.

Always interested in her own personal health, Kylie feels that creating wellness in her life she can better understand her patient’s experiences. She enjoys physical health in team sports and hiking. She is actively involved in her community holding a share of a community supported agriculture farm and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County.

“We are learning together, from each other, how to improve our physical, mental and spiritual health, being an example to our community for generations to follow.”

Originally from the Northwest, Laura is now a long time resident of the Newport-Mesa community. Her early work in Geriatric Social Services inspired her to learn more about healthy aging and preventive healthcare, leading her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Health at Cal State, Long Beach.  Laura enjoys exploring the country’s National Parks with her husband, John, and their family, as well as volunteering with youth in the community. She comes to the Spring Center after raising her three children, Audrey, Marco and Amelia, and is eager to assist others on their journey to health.

Martina grew up in a military family. She spent a good portion of her life in Germany and hopes to live there again one day. She went to college in Indianapolis and Long Branch, NJ and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in History and Political Science. After graduation, she began working in hospitals, first in the Emergency Unit and then as an outpatient insurance coordinator. After a brief stint in finance she found her home here at The Spring Center. Originally from the east coast, she relocated to Southern California after experiencing too many snow falls. She lives with her lovely & creative fiance and her teenage son. They adopted a Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix, named Pickles, who is the love of her life. She enjoys hiking, reading and she & her fiancé love to participate in immersive theater.

Sarah began working with Dr. McCann in 2009 as her medical assistant, and after a move to Colorado she stayed on, committed to continuing her relationship with this revolutionary practice. A native of Colorado, Sarah grew up in the Denver area, studying theater, music, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her time in California was an adventure, but she is exploring New Mexico, where she continues to sing, act, and enjoy the mountains.

Brigid brings a dynamic background that spans the gamut of areas in business management. Growing up in Upstate NY with long winters, living in sunny California was on her bucket list. In 2013, she joined the Spring Center to assist her sister in managing the Practice. Brigid truly enjoys helping patients on their journey to wellness. She is a certified yoga instructor and offers classes and private lessons in-house. Brigid also enjoys traveling, dining out with friends,  and running along the beach.

Jessica grew up in Big Bear, CA. Growing up in the mountains, allowed her to find passion in the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, wake boarding, exercise, practices pilates, reading fiction novels & cooking. She attended Concordia University where she found a love for health and medicine. Graduation with a BS she hopes to pursue a career in nursing. Although her passion for the medical field is apparent, she also loves to cook and has hopes of owning a restaurant later in life with her husband. In the meantime, their new baby boy keeps them busy and full of joy.

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