Meet Julie Walraven


Registered Nurse

Julie Walraven is an integral and loved member of The Spring Center team. She is our IV Registered Nurse who is skillfully trained on administering our nutrient IVs. She brings calm, caring, compassionate nurturing to each and every patient she sees.

Her love and interest for Functional and Integrative Medicine stems from her own health journey in overcoming mold toxicity and illness.

Aside from her extensive experience with patients in a clinical setting, Julie obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, has over thirty full years of nursing experience, received her certification in Massage Therapy in 2002, and is certified in nutrient therapy by the International IV Nutritional Therapy Global Physician Education Program.

Her clinical experience is wide ranging, making her perspective and approach highly valuable to The Spring Center.

Her experiences range from settings including surgical trauma ICU, neonatal ICU, cardiac Cath lab, angioplasty, and 12 years in Central America teaching health education and emergency response in remote areas.

She continues to attend seminars and conferences in the Functional Medicine space to further her education and approach to helping patients truly heal.

Julie plays competitive volleyball, enjoys hiking, rollerblading, and running on the beach with her husband and son.

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What is your why? Why do you wake up every morning and do this work?

My personal 10 + year journey to strive for a return to health motivates me every single day to support and give back to others with the hope that they too can find their root cause, and fully restore their health. I am incredibly grateful to work with patients, I learn a lot from them, and I often receive as much as I give in my daily interactions with them.

If you could give one piece of advice to every single person in the world about their health, what would that be?

Listen to your body, honor what it is sharing with you, and trust that you can be healthy.

If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere in the world, where would that be?

I’d love to spend some time in one of the “Blue Zones” observing how residents live their lives and glean pearls to practice in my daily life.

What are you reading? What is your favorite podcast?

I have a daily motivational calendar and I have multiple podcasts that I listen to including: The Energy Blueprint, Dhru Purohit, Metagenics, & BetterHealthGuy Blogcast.

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