Meet Matthew McGarvey

Matthew McGarvey

Physician Assistant

Matthew McGarvey is a Physician Assistant, PA-C with nearly a decade of experience rooted in a holistic approach to the art and science of Medicine. He is a Southern California native with an immense passion for health and wellness.

Matthew earned his BS in Human Biology from UCSD in 2011, where he also worked as a personal trainer and began to cultivate the healthy lifestyle he constantly advocates for. In 2013, he moved to Phoenix to attend Midwestern University, and in 2015, he graduated with his MMS in Physician Assistant Studies. He moved back to Orange County to begin his career and gained a unique variety of experiences after working in a wide variety of settings including Urgent Care, Physical Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Family Medicine.

Throughout his young and complex career, Matt has always focused on empowering his patients by focusing on health and wellness, which led him to Integrative & Functional Medicine.

In the Fall of 2021, he graduated with his Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the Arizona College of Integrative Medicine helmed by Dr. Andrew Weil. He considers himself “forever a student” and continues to grow his wealth of knowledge to further help his patients on their journey towards recovering their health and ultimately thriving.

Fitness is one of Matt’s biggest passions and he practices a variety of strength training disciplines. He enjoys cooking and focuses on eating a high-quality, nutrient-dense diet.  Meditation is a mainstay of his health regimen and he also embraces acupuncture, massage therapy, and a wide array of other modalities to ensure a thriving lifestyle. He balances this with being a supportive husband and an ever-present father for his now two-year old son.

Matt embraces each patient’s unique circumstances and truly walks alongside his patients on their health journey. His goal is to teach patients to be their own best advocates while learning that most of their healing comes from within.

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What is your why? Why do you wake up every morning and do this work?

I believe I am here, walking this path, because I’m meant to help people heal. My purpose in life is to have a broad-reaching positive impact on as many people as I possibly can through direct interaction “practicing what I preach.” My goal is to serve as a beacon to others to shine brightly and confidently, and to inspire the next generation and those around me to pick up this mantle so that they may also heal and help heal the people around them.

If you could give one piece of advice to every single person in the world about their health, what would that be?

Master the fundamentals first! Get the right quantity and quality of sleep you need, mitigate and manage stress to the best of your abilities, be less sedentary and commit to an exercise regimen that excites you, and eat real, nutrient-dense, whole foods all the time.

If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Sitting beachside on the shore in Cinque Terre, Italy.

What are you reading? What is your favorite podcast?

I hedge towards audiobooks and have been listening to Jordan Peterson’s books.  Regarding podcasts, I thoroughly enjoy the Huberman Lab Podcast by Dr. Andrew Huberman and the Fundamental Health Podcast by Dr. Paul Saladino.

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