Nutrition Counseling

Sarah Choszczyk, Functional Nutritionist

How would you describe your relationship with food?

This is often one of the first questions our team asks patients here at The Spring Center.

As you may or may not know, nutrition is a crucial consideration.

  • Many would say that food is fuel, and like a high-performance engine, the better the fuel, the better the body will run.
  • Some mention emotional health in relation to food, describing themselves as emotional eaters or describing the joy (or guilt) that comes from eating certain things.
  • Others talk about how food connects them with their family and culture.

Nutrition is Key to Optimal Health

Nutrition by itself can be a complex topic, and when combined with health issues, nutrition can be downright overwhelming.

Nutrition is fuel and medicine, nourishing both our bodies and spirits. It can also cause a lot of issues for many of us – that’s where Sarah comes in.

Our staff nutritionist, Sarah Choszczyk, earned her master’s degree in human nutrition and functional medicine through the University of Western States, a program linked with the Institute for Functional Medicine. With a deep rooted focus in Functional Medicine, her approach is through a whole-body lens, backed by scientific research.

Assortment of healthy food for clean eating flexitarian mediterranean diet
Healthy food for balanced flexitarian mediterranean diet concept

Here is what patients can expect when meeting with Sarah:

  • No judgment, whatsoever
  • A review of your current eating patterns
  • A conversation about your concerns or goals and how nutrition fits in
  • A discussion of your nutritional needs and your motivation levels
  • An action plan including helpful resources, dietary information, and answers to your questions
  • No dieting. Dietary patterns are discussed, but you will not be “put on a diet” or forbidden from eating foods that bring you joy. Sarah’s approach is all about balance and the goal is to help you find the foods that will help you heal.

Cost: $95 for 30 minute consult

At The Spring Center, personalized medicine is key and nutrition is a foundational component. Just as with any step in your health journey at The Spring Center, your nutrition work with Sarah is tailored, personalized, and hands-on.

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