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The Patient Success Stories Page is dedicated to sharing our patients incredible journeys of healing and recovery. At the Spring Center, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional healthcare and holistic treatments.

Our patients have experienced remarkable results in areas such as pain management, natural healing, and overall wellness.

Discover how our expert team, cutting-edge therapies, and personalized care have transformed the lives of countless individuals.

Patient Success Story: A Conversation with Spreti & Dr. McCann

Patient Success Story: A Conversation with Maryn & Dr. McCann

Patient Success Story: A Conversation with Amy & Dr. McCann

Dr. McCann and MicrogenDX changed my life!!!

I thank the LORD for Dr. McCann and her brilliance and kindness and for being such a gifted physician who will listen and think critically outside the box to formulate a scientific (in looking for bacterial DNA!!), medical (antibiotics when necessary for getting our life back), and an integrative approach in using supplements. I just love and am so thankful for her understanding and respect for these mast cell crises in which pathogens can spiral our bodies, if left untreated!! The MicroGenDX lab and appropriate and effective antimicrobial therapy (Fosfomycin antibiotic therapy for me) has been a GAME CHANGER!!!

Heather G.
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